Welcome to Somalia!

After two decades of strife, the country is finally getting back on it’s feet. The government has finally restored peace, construction is booming, and the optimism in the air is infectious. We want you to be part of it! Come visit!

Visit Somalia is the first tourism venture to start in Mogadishu, with our first tourists arriving in early 2013 from Ireland, including author Mark Zolo. The occasion was marked on Somalian National Television, with the Somali government heralding the success of the project. The major of Mogadishu even welcomed us as guests of honour at a show in the City Palace hotel.

310930_2652189113775_814925871_nMeet Your Guide

My name is Jibril and I’ll be your tour guide. I’m a Somalian guy who came back to be part of re-building our country. I’m well connected, know all the best spots in Mogadishu, and will show you guys a great time!

Call me on +252 618100102

or + 252616561186

Email : jibstar2013@hotmail.com / visitmogadishu@outlook.com


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